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Tip #2 – Checkout Page Tips That Will Explode Your Sales

Checkout Pages – A Huge Opportunity to Capture More Sales

We all know that your checkout page(s) is where the money is collected and the sale gets completed. Until the customer goes all the way through this process you don’t have a sale and you can’t ring the register. Having the right checkout process and elements on the page can take your business to another level and drastically increase your sales. Lets talk about a few key things that can negatively affect your checkout and getting your customer to make the sale.

Do you Checkout pages require too many input fields?

Having a long checkout form to collect additional data fields may be costing you sales. Consumers want to get through the checkout process as quickly as possible to complete the order. Keep the checkout process streamlined, you can always make an effort to collect additional customer info after the sale is complete through upsell offers, emails, surveys, and phone calls. Go through your checkout pages and see if there are unnecessary fields that can be removed then watch your sales conversions jump up.

Have an E-commerce site, do you offer guest checkout?

As mentioned above consumers like to avoid long checkout processes that require them to divulge private information. Offering a guest checkout option makes it easy for consumers to convert hassle-free. Plus, if you are selling good products your consumers will leave happy and you’ll increase the chances of them coming back to buy more and then maybe join your site.

Is your checkout process Multi-Page or Single Page?

Perhaps one of the biggest arguments with checkout pages are do you offer a single page or multipage checkout. Here is a general rule of thumb single page checkouts typically work better because they are more simplistic but there is a draw back to them. Many times you lose the chance to acquire the customer’s info like name, email and maybe
phone number if they don’t complete the order on the credit card page. With that being said try this little trick and you’ll have the benefits of a multiple-page checkout and the higher conversions of a single page checkout. Build your checkout page like an accordion style going down only displaying each section as the customer reaches it. This will allow you to show the customer small sections at a time like a multipage with the first section having their name, email, address and phone. Then if the customer leaves after you ask for the billing info you can still email or call them to try and complete the sale with a special offer.

Add these items to your checkout pages and make more sales

  • Strong product images to reinforce the customer’s confidence
  • Clearly display a strong guarantee/return policy.
  • Add Video to display your return and/or shipping policy. o You can contact me to get more info on this.
  • Add security seals for SSL and Hacker protection
  • Add customer support like Livechat if your reps are available
  • Display customer testimonials
  • Make sure price and quantity are clearly displayed

Checkout pages are something you should be refining over and over to increase your conversions. Ensuring the items above are incorporated into your checkout process will boost your sales considerably.

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