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Tip #1 – The 4 Simple Rules That Will Jump Your sales big time


You have successfully directed those potential customers to your online website, now what? Turn thesvisitors into
actual sales using the four (4) rules of conversion optimization. View the website as a path to the door of your actual
retail establishment.

  • How long does it take to reach the door?
  • Does your website have curb appeal, eye-pleasing landscaping?
  • Is there a clear path to your doorstep, or is it unkempt and cluttered?
  • Will you be there to greet your customer when he/she arrives?
  • Does the customer feel safe?

Rule #1–The 2-Second Rule

It seems as though everyone is in a hurry these days. Test the loading speed of your website which should be 2 seconds or less.

  • Feel the need for speed!
  • An estimated 47% of website visitors expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less, after which they will lose interest in your site, or the product altogether
  • You will lose an estimated 6.7% per second of your website visitors after 2 seconds

Rule #2–The K.I.S.S. Rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Make your site easy to follow and uncluttered. Maintain a visual on the product.No “Bulls in a China Shop”.

  • Maintain customer focus on the product being sold, eliminate unnecessary “stuff”
  • Use professional images which identify the product you are selling with high standards. Shady, dark, or copied images discourage consumer confidence in the product, and your website.
  • Use highly visible, single click purchasing options

Rule #3–The Customer is Your Best Salesman

Referral marketing can be as simple as posting and updating customer testimonials on your site, and other social networking avenues. Consumers love an opportunity to rate, or provide an opinion of a product or service… and it keeps them returning to your site.

  • Encourage online product reviews, ratings and testimonials
  • Utilize social networking avenues such as Twitter to relay these product reviews to potential customers
  • Testimonials, ratings and reviews are influential in the decision to purchase by 59% of all shoppers

Rule #4–Build a Relationship Based on Trust

With an overwhelming and ever growing number of websites offering identical products, it is increasingly difficult for a customer to decide where to purchase. Advertise Trust.

  • Show your customers that payment information and personal data is secure using SSL certificates. Advertise this on your site to increase consumer confidence.
  • Return Policies should be easy to comprehend, apparent and forgiving. Customers need to know that their purchase is covered by a return policy.
  • Offer Support with easy access on site. Remember, this customer is entering your STORE.
    Would you want to walk into a retail establishment with no one there to assist you?

Operating an online commerce site is much like operating a retail establishment. Utilizing these four (4) rules will help you sell more products, faster, and establish a future online presence in the marketplace.

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  • Annette A. Penney October 17, 2014, 12:41 am

    In my profession I make it my business to talk to the experts in every field I deal in. I have never had a conversation where I got off the phone and thought, h*&^ that guy knows his stuff! Conversion genius you are indeed!

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