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Resource List of Sites and Tools

Is your site fast or slow?–This is a great free resource to test how long it
takes to load your site from locations around the world. The reports are great to show your tech team.

Google Pagespeed Insights–Google’s free speed testing tool is a great resource it even grades your site for Mobile and Desktop and tells you the issues.–Have your team use this free service to decrease the file size of images to help your site load faster.

How does your website display?–Use this great free resource to quickly see how your website looks on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and even smart TVs.–The free version of this service will allow you to see how your website looks in up to 20 different desktop and mobile browsers with one click.

Do people like your website design and functionality?–This is the fastest way to get real reviews and feedback about your website or specific pages on your site.The service is inexpensive and the results come back fast.–Community based user feedback forum where you can get free reviews of your site when you review other people’s sites.

Do you know where your visitors go or where the came from?– Using this tools will allow you to see where people click and scroll on your page with heatmaps.

Google Analytics– This is the essential tracking tool every website must have installed. It is free and incredibly powerful.–I am a big fan of this visual tool that allows you to watch your visitors in real time as they browser your site.– If you want a simple tool to see the live visitors on your site using a mobile app from your smartphone this is it.–An amazing tool that lets you track your customers back to the source of track and follow their engagement all the way through. Helps you find your best customers and top sources of traffic.

How does your email look and is spam an issue?– Knowing what your emails look like on various different email clients including mobile devices is huge today. This tool shows you how it looks and gives you spam scores.
Service is expensive but worth it if you–Use this Free resource to test your emails for spam issues and increase your inbox delivery.

What designs, copy and headlines work best?–Here is a split testing tool that is free and offers a function where you can crowd source designs.
– These two tools are the best split testing tools available. You can even run tests without needing your tech or design teams.–My favorite place to crowd source designs and get fresh ideas for homepage designs, landing pages, icons, email templates and logos.– This is a fantastic source to find great copywriters for your website, email campaigns or Inbound Content marketing strategies

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