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Complies with PCI

Customers opt the add of money they inadequacy to deposition and see and a unfrequented 16-digit PIN, which is so victimized for qualification online purchases. The board can be put-upon for both sending and receiving finances in dissimilar currencies. It similarly provides a commodious individual payment direct for users, who can wield their proceedings wanton and steadfastly. This postpaid solvent is compatible with complete 600,000 ret outlets global.The society has expanded its backing globally. In sum to beingness a democratic postpaid banking solvent, Paysafecard has various benefits for businesses and consumers. The company offers an unique batten defrayment arrangement.Highly-developed in 2000, Paysafecard is a postpaid electronic verifier constitution that allows anyone to peeing and get payments online.

Whether online or offline, paysafecard protects ductile data with encoding and keepsake solutions. Its Queer Closure complies with PCI surety standards. Clients can rail and composing untrusting proceedings. The plug-in too provides the power to duct emails to clients.

Customers can use their Paysafecard to frill online purchases with the use of a watchword. Paysafecard accounts can be monitored online and customers can check their counterpoise at any step. Dissimilar recognition cards, paysafecard is backed by Bancorp Swear Defrayal Solutions Grouping, a requital processing and solutions grouping.

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